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Connected sensors

The Internet of Things shall connect more than 25 billion objects by 2020. The purpose of these "connected things" is to collect data form the physical world. Their core elements are sensors that convert physical measurings into digital data which can be further processed and analysed at the edge or in the cloud. This will allow creating enormous added value across many industries...

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IoT for extended service and support of products

One of the main driver for the creation of additional value is the service of the product after it was delivered to customer. Extending service and support with IoT allows to enhance customer relationship and to optimize the quality of the product. Read more about how you can leverage the Internet of Things for product service operation in this blog entry...

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Introducing eptecon

The requirements for every IoT project are unique. In our work we use state of the art tools and technologies that allow us to implement your specific solution. Our expertise is based on many years of work experience in product development projects of high complexity within academic and corporate areas. We support you with the development of reliable and cost effective IoT products. We work on your project throughout all important steps, starting with system architecture design over electrical and mechanical engineering up to manufacturing launch. In this blog entry we will go in detail on how we work at eptecon...

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